10.02.2011 New Zealand, North Island, South Island

New Zealand Adventure Vacations - Island Tours

New Zealand adventure vacations are always a unique experience, and many guests don’t realize that they are also synonymous with first-class luxury for the discerning traveler. In particular, there is the vacation experience of touring the many beautiful islands of New Zealand, be they the main north and south islands, or the numerous smaller ones sprinkled along the coastlines. Each is beautiful and exciting in its own way, offering new experiences for every visitor. The only difficult part about the trip is figuring out which of the islands to experience first.

The luxury side of things comes in the travel arrangements. One could easily take the ferries to islands such as Great Barrier or Waiheke, but there are much lovelier options on hand as well. Luxury catamaran sailboats can be chartered out for several days at a time, offering complete comfort and the joy of sun and waves during the journey between destinations. Many such trips come complete with diving experiences as well, allowing visitors a peek at the beautiful undersea life around New Zealand.

Waiheke is a unique place, showcasing the variety of experiences available to New Zealand vacationers. Home to both olive groves and vineyards, it has a unique food culture that is a delight to explore, with wine tastings and olive samplings for guests to participate in as they come by to visit.

Alternatively, there are islands such as Great Barrier, with rugged forest terrain that allows for an invigorating hike or adventure bicycling tour. These are often an exciting counterpoint to the comfortable decadence that comes from the sailing experience. Guests can explore the island ’til their hearts are content, then return to their ship and collapse into easygoing relaxation once again, enjoying a fine wine as they leave the adventure behind them for another evening.

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