11.02.2011 New Zealand, North Island, Rotorua

Vacation Packages to New Zealand - the Volcanic Twilight Experience

As vacation packages to New Zealand go, the Solitaire Lodge’s Volcanic Twilight Experience is one of the singularly Kiwi holiday deals that makes the country such an interesting and sought after destination.

Set in scenic Rotorua, the lodge rests atop a plateau with a gorgeous view of the surrounding jungle. Some of the world’s most beautiful greenery and animal life stretches for miles around the lodge. The facilities and accommodations are first-class, designed with an emphasis to comfort and the ability to take in as much of the beautiful view as possible.

The Volcanic Twilight Experience itself comes with a list of first-class amenities that really showcase the advantages of the lodge. One of the lodge’s waterfront suites is set aside for the guests, including a fully-stocked complimentary mini-bar with the finest drinks and treats. A “romance me” gift package is also placed in the suite, with tea light candles, massage oils, and bath salts to allow for the ultimate in personal relaxation.

After arrival, guests are taken on an exclusive helicopter tour of the volcano, Mount Tarawera itself. The beauty of Rotorua is shown to great effect in such a tour, and the highlight of the event is a champagne picnic at the summit of the mountain. After the tour, guests are encouraged to take advantage of the lodge’s many water-related activities. Kayaks are available for the athletically-minded, while motorized dinghies and fishing gear are made available for those who want a relaxing sporting day on the water.

Come evening, there are pre-dinner drinks and a full four-course meal provided, allowing guests a chance to relax and get to know one another as they enjoy some of the best food in New Zealand. Last but certainly not least, guests are treated to a day sleeping in with a late departure time, allowing them to enjoy the utmost of their comfortable lodgings before their visit ends.

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