09.02.2011 Australia, South Australia, Barossa Valley, Adelaide

Australia Luxury Vacation - Tasting Australia

Australia luxury vacations are as much about the experience as they are about the accommodations. Guests to the country want to have a good time, and most importantly they want to have good food. The Tasting Australia festival, running from late March to early April, is a perfect chance to experience the hospitality and world-famous cuisine of South Australia in comfort and delight.

The city most known for its participation in the festival is Adelaide, which has some of Australia’s finest luxury hotels for guests to relax in. Once the facilities are reserved, though, it’s time to hit the streets and do some traveling about.

A lot of the fun in the Tasting Australia event is that the food isn’t just there to be tasted, but experienced fully. For example, many local and world-class chefs set up cooking classes for their guests. Visitors can learn to make Australian specialties, local reinterpretations of international dishes and even how to put an Australian spin on a personal favorite.

Wine has long been a part of the Australian cuisine culture, and the festival takes full advantage of that. South Australia is one of the country’s best wine growing regions, and many of the festival’s events take place in the beautiful wine country of the Barossa Valley. Vacationers can arrange visits to large wine and food tasting events, cellar visits with micro-operations and short classes on which wines go the absolute best with particular dishes.

Of course, it goes without saying that at Tasting Australia, guests have many opportunities to eat. The festival boasts experiences ranging from casual new-Italian-style dining to elaborate eight-course meals that can take the better part of an evening to enjoy. Often, guests are able to take the time provided at these meals to meet new friends, be they fellow guests or staffers, and cement the memories that make festivals such an authentic, joyful Australian experience.

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