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Charter your Dream Luxury Superyacht and Discover Unspoilt Havens

Cruise to rare destinations in total luxury otherwise unreachable by land.


Sun, Sea and Unparalleled Luxury

Picture this. Reclining on the deck of a 40-metre luxury sailing yacht as the sun dips below the horizon and dolphins frolic in glassy waters at the bow. A cocktail is being shaken just the way you like and your next destination is wherever you choose. A private yacht charter holiday might seem like the stuff of distant dreams, but we can make it a reality.

Luxury Sailing Yachts

Aboard your private floating hotel, spend your days drifting along surreal coastlines and drop anchor where you please. Discover a new slice of paradise every day, swim at remote beaches, float to secluded coves or dive right into your favourite water sport. At day’s end, sprawl out on the deck as your private chef crafts dinner featuring freshly-caught seafood, then fall asleep to the gentle rock of waves lapping against the hull as you sail off into the horizon. With Touring Treasures’ exclusive access to some of the best superyachts in the South Pacific, the only limit is your imagination.


We Work Closely With Captains And Crew To Create A Totally Unique Experience

No matter what type of yacht charter vacation you dream of, we will craft a unique experience just for you, where the unimaginable becomes reality

One World | Sydney Harbour

Paradise | The Kimberley

Flying Fish | Great Barrier Reef

Ghost II | The Whitsundays

Dream | French Polynesia

Masteka II | Fiji


Cruise in Style Aboard the Superyacht of Your Choice

We provide yachts of all sizes and classes in the most beautiful locations. Touring Treasures’ experienced Charter Advisors will guide you through the entire process and will help you decipher which type of yacht is the most suitable for you and your charter party.

One World

31.5m / 103ft | 12 Guest

Sydney | The Whitsundays | The Great Barrier Reef

Yacht - Dream

60m / 196ft | 12 Guests

French Polynesia / Fiji / Tonga / New Zealand


37m / 122ft | 12 Guests

Sydney | The Whitsundays | Great Barrier Reef | Vanuatu | Fiji


Big Fish

45m / 148ft | 10 Guests

South Pacific / Fiji / Papua New Guinea / New Caledonia / Tahiti

Lady E

74.5m / 244.5ft | 12 Guests

Sydney / The Kimberley / The Whitsundays / Great Barrier Reef


60m / 196ft | 12 Guests

South Pacific / Fiji / New Zealand


54m / 177ft | 12 Guests

South Pacific  / Australasia


36.5m / 120ft | 8 Guests

Sydney / Hamilton Island / The Whitsundays

Infinity Pacific

40.2m / 131ft | 10 Guests

Sydney / The Whitsundays / Great Barrier Reef / Lizard Island


35m / 115ft | 10 Guests

Western Australia coast: Coral Bay, Exmouth, Rottnest Island, The Kimberley, Margaret River

Ghost II

37m / 122ft | 12 Guests

Sydney, The Great Barrier Reef, The Whitsundays

Silent World

40m / 131.3ft | 12 Guests

French Polynesia / Fiji / Vanuatu / Solomon Islands / New Zealand



Allow Us to Enhance Your Already Incredible Yacht Charter with Land Experiences

As experts in  Luxury Travel Advisory, Touring Treasures can create premium, personalised, land-based experiences before, after, and even during your on-water holiday. Our deep local knowledge and exclusive connections give us access to experiences that are unparalleled. You don’t get generic activities that anyone can do. You get a unique and ultra-exclusive adventure, perfectly planned to suit your interests and desires.

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