Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Customized Itinerary mean?

    This means that we design each and every component of your itinerary to suit the way YOU like to travel, doing the things that YOU like to do. Therefore, each and every itinerary we create for our clients is unique. There are NO LIMITS as to what we can create for you.

  • What travel service do you provide?

    Touring Treasures prides itself on going beyond the traditional luxury travel services such as Airfare, Hotels, Tours and Transfers. We can also act as your personal travel concierge by pre-booking massages and making dinner reservations prior to your arrival. We will take care of you from the moment you leave your doorstep to the moment you return.

  • What type of hotels do you offer?

    Touring Treasures has a luxury portfolio of 5 Star hotels and resorts – the best that the South Pacific has to offer. In some remote locations though, or where the experience is very unique, 4 Star properties may be the best the region has to offer. Touring Treasures constantly updates its portfolio to ensure that the highest of standards are met for our clients.

  • Do you offer private or group tours?

    This is your choice! Each and every itinerary is unique so you can choose whether you want your own private tours, or tour with a small group – generally a maximum of 6 people. Touring Treasures does not offer large group touring. Private Touring offers you complete flexibility as your driver/guide is at your disposal to suggest alternatives and to make alterations as you wish. Small group touring also has some flexibility if all members of the group agree. You can of course always have a combination of both private and small group touring.

  • What is the minimum budget for a luxury vacation to the South Pacific?

    Each and every itinerary is completely unique so there are no set prices. Touring Treasures specializes in Luxury accommodation and private touring, so our prices reflect accordingly. You can nominate your budget when you submit your Travel Profile. Generally speaking, a minimum budget of $8000 – $10 000 USD per person is required for a luxury 2 week vacation to Australia which includes economy airfare, 5 star hotels, tours (combination of small group and private), and transfers.

  • Do I have a local contact while travelling abroad?

    Absolutely! Touring Treasures will provide you with the details of our local contacts in the countries you are travelling to. They will be able to assist you with any changes or emergencies during your travel.

  • I like bird watching; can you incorporate my itinerary with my special interests?

    This is indeed what Touring Treasures is all about, designing an itinerary around the things that you like doing the most. Birdwatchers may enjoy waking up to singing birds in their private tree cabin in the tropical rainforest. Star gazers would enjoy luxury camping in the middle of the outback where the skies are unmistakeably the clearest in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • It is my Wedding Anniversary; can you organize something for this special occasion?

    It would be our absolute pleasure. Honeymoons, birthdays, and wedding anniversaries, or whatever special occasion you are celebrating, won’t go left unmarked. From a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach, to a night out on the opera, we will a make this moment truly memorable.

  • Do you organize tours for major special events such as the Australian Open or the Grand Prix?

    We will customize your itinerary to coordinate with any major sporting or international event. We can also adapt your itinerary around business conferences so you really can mix business with pleasure.

  • How do I book with Touring Treasures?

    It is very easy! Simply contact Touring Treasures by phone on 1 800 536 5328 (USA only) or +61 7 3102 3252 (International) or set an appointment directly by going to our Contact page and Request an Appointment.

  • What makes Touring Treasures different from other tour operators?

    – Unique Travel Profile – is a powerful tool that provides you with a platform to express your needs and desires when traveling and it gives us the ability to understand your personality a little more. The information you provide enables us to design a truly unique itinerary that fits like a glove.

    – Unique Interactive Itinerary – another one of a kind in the industry, we provide your with a meticulously planned online itinerary which describes in detail your travel plan complete with images and descriptions of your hotels and tours.

    – Quality not quantity – Touring Treasures prides itself on the quality of the services and products we offer. We take the necessary time needed to ensure that all elements of your travel experience meet your high standards. High volume, mass market companies cannot provide such superior service.

    – Knowledge – Touring Treasures’ specialises in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tahiti, therefore this small niche market enables us to know the product intimately. In addition, our consultants are born and raised in the South Pacific and therefore not only do they know the product well, but they know all of the cultural nuances and can offer true local advice which makes for a more interesting experience.

    – Location – we have the best of both worlds as we are located in Australia, right in the heart of the South Pacific and close to the action; but we also have an international presence where we deal with visitors from all over the world.