01.02.2017 Australia, New South Wales

A satisfying luxury vacation to Australia requires a good location to properly enjoy. Byron Bay is a particularly good destination to consider for a relaxing vacation experience; it offers a pleasant climate all year round and a whole host of activities that people can enjoy no matter their taste in vacations. But what is it that makes Byron Bay so luxurious?

First, it’s the beaches. Australia is famed for its white sand and gorgeous waters, and Byron Bay is one of the definitive Aussie beach experiences. There are few places in the world that can rival the bay shores for comfortable sunbathing experiences. Additionally, there are many things to do in the water itself, from simple swimming in the beautiful waves to snorkeling and scuba diving with the myriad forms of wildlife in the depths.

A good meal often makes any experience all the more comfortable, and Byron Bay sets out to treat visitors to a great time. Outstanding cafes offer some of the world’s most gourmet coffees for people on a quick brunch break, while full-service restaurants frequently showcase the beautiful shoreline with deck-dining facilities that lend a wonderful, open air experience to a delicious three-course meal. Other restaurants frequently have small cocktail and barbecue parties on the beach itself, allowing guests to mingle and eat in delightful company.

If pure relaxation is a guest’s delight of choice, there are many things to do at the bay as well. Spas and baths are available in plenty, allowing visitors to soak in a wonderful Jacuzzi or sauna then enjoy an expert and world-class massage or facial treatment. They can do all this while soaking in the beautiful, muscle-softening Australian sun and with the background sounds of the wind and the waves to soothe one off to a comfortable doze.

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