21.02.2011 Australia, Perth, Western Australia, New South Wales, Sydney, South Australia, Adelaide

There’s an adventuresome spirit in some people who love to take advantage of the Australian honeymoon vacation experience. Australia is a romantic destination all its own, with a unique landscape and a fascinating history to enjoy. The biggest question is which part of the country couples will spend their the honeymoon in. For those that love to travel, the answer is obvious: all of it! Or at least as much as can be done during their stay, and the Indian-Pacific railway journey provides a fascinating, romantic interlude that is sure to delight the senses of new travelers and experienced journeymen alike.

The trip is a three-day journey, beginning in Sydney on one coast before ending in Perth on the opposite side of the country.

The accommodations provided for the trip easily are some of the most comfortable in Australia. Private cabins are available for the happy couple, with large windows that allow them to take in the sheer splendor and variety of the Australian countryside as they roll through it. Dinners and wines are provided in the dining car, allowing the newly-minted couple to share their good news in the pleasant company of fellow travelers.

The destinations along the way allow travelers to spend their honeymoons in several very different cities. Sydney is famous for its magnificent culture, and guests are encouraged to explore the magnificent Opera House and bay before departing on their journey. Midway through the trip, the train pulls through scenic Adeleide, showing off the country’s esteemed festival city. Cook and Kangoorlie are next, with short tours arranged by the railroad to show off the beauty of these unique destinations. Finally there’s Perth, with its own tour of the beautiful Colonial architecture and the Swan River, complete with a delightful dining experience.

Canny guests who make arrangements for a few days’ stay each in Sydney before and Perth after their epic train ride will find the experience a breathtaking, whirlwind way to experience Australia, and a journey sure to make the honeymoon experience as memorable as any on earth.

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