24.02.2011 Australia, Victoria, Melbourne

An Australian travel vacation means always having something to do, and for many guests Melbourne is the ideal city in which to do everything. First-class accommodations, a thriving nightlife, an expansive cultural scene and delicious food are all readily at hand for the visiting holidaymaker to experience and embrace, making this city one of the most unique in all of Australia.

First, there’s the shopping. An extensive array of high-class boutiques, art galleries and trendy scene stores are on hand for visitors to peruse. Going home in a garment at the height of Australian fashion or bringing home an outstanding piece by one of the up-and-comers from the local arts scene is an excellent way to cement memories of a vacation to Melbourne.

Melbourne also is famous for and proud of its old world café culture. The city has a number of sidewalk teahouses and coffeehouses to step into for a quick caffeine break. Some of the best coffees in the world are brought in especially for Melbourne, showing off a variety of blends and flavors for travelers to enjoy in settings ranging from the intimate corner shop to a grand old 19th century hotel.

High culture should be high on the list for visitors as well, because Melbourne is simply bursting with beautiful attractions. The Australian Ballet performs in Melbourne, showing off the refinement of this powerful and elegant dance form. Alternatively, there is the Centre for Contemporary Art, which is home to some of the best pieces by the newest emerging artists. Challenging art for a new age is on display, with pieces ranging from the confrontational to the sublime.

Finally, what would a visit to Australia be like without a nod to the Melbourne sports scene? European football, rugby football and cricket are all played in the city, with exceptional variety in teams and performances. The sports culture is surprisingly highbrow in many cases, with a variety of venues able to accommodate all tastes in refreshments and luxury.

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