06.10.2010 Australia

Sunshine Coast - Australian Beaches

The beaches of Australia make a fine setting for the best luxury travel vacations in the world. Beach visits are almost completely synonymous with relaxation and comfort. Warm sand at your back, bright sun in the sky, comfortably cool waters at hand — what more could someone ask for in an attempt to unwind and soothe himself into peaceful rest? As vacation locations go, Australia really is spoiled for choice in the number and types of beaches it can boast for its visitors.

There’s Byron Bay in New South Wales, for example. Famous for a trendy, active local youth culture, Byron Bay is a place that visitors can come to socialize. Whether learning to surf or simply trying to make new friends while relaxing and enjoying delicious food and extravagant accommodations, Byron Bay is fabulous a place to unwind.

Queensland’s Gold Coast is another world entirely, with a focus on long stretches of beach and world heritage destinations. Rain forests and theme parks are married to a bustling nightlife and walking tours. The Gold Coast is a high-class destination for people who will only accept the absolute best in their vacation territory.

The island of Tasmania offers the exciting and absolute beauty of Wineglass Bay. The beaches are pristine, white-sanded stretches of light and fresh air that are sure to relax any visitor in short order. The vistas are made even more gorgeous by the pink and gray granite of the nearby mountains, both of which play out in amazing kaleidoscopes of color during the sunrises and sunsets the region is famous for. And if the shoreline isn’t quite enough for guests of the lovely island, there are opportunities to dive and swim among the local wildlife and reefs, with expert guides and tours available for very little effort and a whole lot of payoff.

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