05.01.2011 Australia, Queensland, Great Barrier Reef

Luxury Vacation to Australia: Angsana on the Great Barrier Reef

Planning a luxury vacation to Australia often centers around picking the right destination — the specific locale, resort or city that will define the experience on this beautiful continent. Among the most highly-spoken-of destinations is the Angsana Great Barrier Reef Resort. Angsana is a world-spanning and award-winning series of luxury destinations, and its Great Barrier Reef location in Cairns is among the most beautiful of its offerings.

The local color is amazing and beautiful to behold. Angsana is set among two of the greatest beauties in the natural world: the Queensland national rain forests on land and the Great Barrier Reef in the ocean. Both are the setting for a number of activities, ranging from diving among the coral to seek out the astonishing tapestry of life beneath the waves to locally-guided luxury SUV tours into the woods on bird spotting and picnicking adventures.

The facilities are top notch, beginning with the residences. Suites can be had in sizes for one, two or three guests, and come in a variety of layouts and styles to delight people of every inclination. Swimming pools, including a heated jet pool, are available for those who want a pleasant swim on the premises. Food ranges from exquisite restaurant-prepared meals to a poolside barbeque for those seeking just a touch of informality among the beauty. And, of course, there are activities near and far to be enjoyed.

The resort is open for the spring and summer seasons, catering to a beach-going, sun-soaking crowd that wants nothing more than warm weather and lovely sea breezes. Bookings are available for people who simply want a private place to enjoy their own company and some comfortable activities, or romantic getaways and weddings. Whatever brings you to Angsana, there is plenty that will make you want to stay.

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