06.01.2011 Australia, South Australia, Kangaroo Island, Adelaide

Luxury Adventure Vacations - Tour Kangaroo Island in Comfort and Style

Luxury adventure vacations combine the best of two worlds — the excitement of exploring new and exotic locations and the indulgence of high-class service and personal comforts. Australia’s Kangaroo Island, located just to the south of South Australia’s mainland, is a popular destination for those looking to see the natural beauty and wildlife of Australia while still enjoying all the exceptional comforts afforded to those who want a first-class and personally-tailored vacation.

The first element of a good, adventurous-but-luxurious vacation is proper traveling accommodations. This goes beyond the choice of a good hotel: The vehicles used for the tour must be top notch and comfortable, as well. Kangaroo Island is home to a number of tours, such as Exceptional Kangaroo Island, that offer high-class/high-comfort SUV vehicles. These rugged machines can easily navigate the terrain of the island to bring the best-hidden secrets to light, all while still having supremely well-made suspensions so the ride is as smooth as silk. In addition, there often is more legroom and more comfortable seating inside, making the ride all the more enjoyable and letting travelers focus on the beauty and nature around them.

The cuisine on such a trip is important, as well. Exploring nature doesn’t have to mean roughing it; excellent, gourmet food is readily available in many such places. The tours of Kangaroo Island focus on food that is prepared from simple yet high-quality ingredients. Travelers rave about the selection of foods available.

Of course, there’s the central part of the adventure — the wildlife of the island itself! Kangaroos, koalas, dozens of species of seabirds, seals and more await the traveler who embarks on such an excellent vacation destination. Local guides are always willing to lend their unique personal expertise, as well, offering special insights that they have built up from years of living in this amazing destination.

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