03.01.2011 Australia, Queensland

Australia Luxury Vacation: The Remote Beauty of Bloomfield Lodge

Australian luxury vacations ideally are all about getting away, and most importantly about getting away from the familiar. A good vacation takes holidaymakers someplace exciting and distant. A great vacation, however, allows them to experience this new place with the knowledge that everything unrelated to the vacation is hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away. This is the attraction offered by Queensland’s Bloomfield Lodge, which features the accurate promise of “Beautifully Remote.” The beauty transcends the physical attributes of the location, which are outstanding, and goes to a higher plane of absolute, distant tranquility that is rarely found in the world.

The sense of remote escape begins from the moment travelers arrive in nearby Cairns. The only way to access this exclusive, luxurious lodge is by privately-chartered airplane. This flight along the beautiful Queensland coast is followed by a short drive through the area’s beautiful outback and rainforest, and finally is capped by a leisurely cruise down the river to the Weary Bay and up to the lodge itself.

Four styles of accommodations welcome travelers to the lodge. The Rainforest rooms offer simple luxury in the form of upscale hotel-style rooms within easy reach of the lodge facilities. Queenslander rooms are built with high ceilings and huge verandas for a sense of expansive, personal comfort. Deluxe retreats are generous, private suites set up and away from the main lodge, and the Hideaway is similarly appointed as the Deluxe, but set with a stunning view of the Weary Bay.

Even the first-class dining experiences can be enjoyed in a measure of remote privacy. Special, well-appointed gazebos are set apart from the main al fresco dining facility, allowing people to enjoy their food in the comfort of their own company, or with that of a few chosen friends they wish to share their time with.

Whatever one is seeking escape from, the remote beauty of the Bloomfield Lodge is sure to capture the imagination and the heart.

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