22.12.2010 Australia, Western Australia, Margaret River

Best Luxury Travel - Margaret River Discovery Tour

Whether you’re looking for just a short vacation with one fun event, or want to add a tour onto a longer luxury vacation package, it’s hard to go wrong with a Margaret River Discovery Tour. Rated one of the ten best short tours in Australia, this excursion is one of the more accessible luxury tours available to people who know what they want and where to find it.

Margaret River is a beautiful waterway, and the tour is aptly named because each tour is a discovery of something new and exciting. The tour includes options to simply take in the sights of the river, or for no extra cost to take a canoe along the water as well and explore the sights up close. The clear waters are home to a variety of fish and river life that can easily be seen from boat side.

After the canoe or sightseeing, the tour takes visitors up to the waterfalls, which are the backdrop for a fascinating discussion on native aboriginal legends and tales. Then visitors are invited to have a delicious gourmet lunch at the Fraser Gallop Estate. This winery boasts a reputation as a rising star in the winemaking community of Australia, and the food and accommodations are decadently enjoyable.

With food and wine settled and having met one of the top winemakers in the country, tour guests will then take off in a high comfort, four-wheel-drive SUV for a personal, locally-guided tour through the region. Each tour is unique, with each guide offering his or her own take on things and showcasing the local treasures and hidden wonders that are only available with the kind of guide who lives in the area and knows his trade.

So whether on its own or part of a bigger package, the Discovery Tour on the Margaret River is an investment worth making and a shining example of combining adventure and luxury into one exceptional package.

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