23.12.2010 Australia, Queensland, Great Barrier Reef

Best Luxury Travel - Great Barrier Reef Helicopter ToursThe Great Barrier Reef is the iconic scenery piece for an Australian luxury vacation. There’s really nothing quite like it in the world. Beautiful pale blue waters that are clear all the way down to the ocean floor, gorgeous coral and island structures above and below the water and clear fresh air that’s a sheer joy to take in. The reef is an impressive and captivating sight from any angle, and to get the most of the experience it needs to be seen from up high as well as close up.

This is where inexpensive yet luxurious helicopter tours come in. Helicopters are an excellent way to see the reef, allowing a flexibility that cruises or plane trips don’t quite offer. This is because of the helicopter’s ability to hover: A pilot can fly hundreds of feet up, letting passengers take in the vast sweep of the reef and see just what its scale involves before lowering down to a few dozen meters above the water, showing the clarity and the depth of the sea from up close and personal. Tours are easily arranged for half-day or full-day excursions, allowing them to be tailored into any traveling experience.

Helicopters for tours are often very comfortable as well, easily accommodating luxury seats and allowing crews to bring along refreshments for island stopovers on the way. So whether you only have a few hours or a whole weekend to spare, adding a high-class helicopter tour of the Great Barrier Reef to your plans is a sure way to take home memories that will never be forgotten.

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