20.12.2010 Australia, Great Barrier Reef, Sydney

Australian Luxury Vacation - Yacht Cruises Long and Short

The smell of the sea air, the sight of the sun lowering against the water on the horizon, the beautiful sea life and the sound of waves lapping against the hull — these and many others are the reasons that the yacht is iconic of the most in luxury travel packages. Being an island nation, Australia is home to a number of luxury yachts that can be chartered for cruises around the shoreline. Whether the guest desires a few hours around Sydney harbor or a weeks-long sojourn about the coast, there are tours that can be suited to their wishes and desires.

Sydney harbor is a favorite destination for many holidaymakers, and those seeking a lovely tour are no exception. The shoreline of the harbor is unique, as it hasn’t been overwhelmed with urban development like the shorelines in other major cities. Instead, much of it remains open as ever to nature and the sky, with gorgeous features that can allow for either a short guided tour of the beautiful sights, or a quiet long drift about the waves, with lunch and dinner provided as the day trails on.

Of course, there are other destinations as well. One spectacular choice is the Darwin to Broome journey, a trip that takes an extraordinary three weeks to complete, with destinations and layovers along the way. Beautiful days in the sun and the sea are interspersed with stops at some of Australia’s most beautiful coastal cities, with local surprise wonders and the legendary Australian cuisine to be sampled in equal measure. This kind of journey and others like it is an amazing experience that is just the ticket for a proper Australian escape. Most of all these longer journeys show the ways in which a luxury cruise can be the whole vacation in itself, rather than tied on to a separate vacation package.

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