11.11.2010 Australia

Title of the Post Goes HereWith Oprah and 300 of her audience members getting ready to visit Australia in December, tour operators are preparing some of their best Australian vacation packages to help ensure that Oprah and her guests have the time of their lives.

Winfrey memorably opened her 19th season six years ago by giving cars away to each of her audience members. This time around, the big-hearted talk show host will take this group on an Australian vacation for 8 days and 7 nights. While tour operators do not yet know what Australian vacation packages Oprah and her guests will take, one thing is clear: Oprah definitely wants to tour the world famous Sydney Harbour.

There are many tour packages that can guide Oprah and her guests through Sydney Harbour, and each of them offers luxury travel at its finest. Many of these tours will highlight the rich shopping experience to be had in Sydney as well as offering some of the region’s best in gourmet food choices. The gorgeous Sydney Bridge certainly will make the tour well worth the journey down under.

There are Australian vacation packages to suit every whim of Oprah and her audience members. Some of the exciting Australian vacation packages can include any/all of the following: yachting, snorkeling at Coral Reef, exploring the Great Barrier Reef, hiking in some of the most beautiful mountains on earth, luxuriating at the beach and much more!

Oprah also is planning on filming an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show while in Australia. She will film her show at the Sydney “Oprah” House, which the city plans to rename for the day. While in Sydney, Oprah and her guests will have the time of their lives. Since Sydney Harbour is the most beautiful natural harbor in the world, it is a breathtaking site. The surrounding city’s extreme shopping and restaurants will be hard to top. This is not just a boon for Australian tourism — this Australian vacation will have Oprah singing Australia’s praises for the rest of her life.

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