12.11.2010 Australia, Great Barrier Reef

Angsana Resort Great Barrier Reef

The Angsana Resort at the Great Barrier Reef is the perfect Australian all-inclusive luxury vacation spot for those who want to experience the adventure and beauty of the Reef as well as the relaxation and tranquility of a luxury spa.

Angsana, which is in Palm Grove, is nestled only 20 minutes to the north of Cairn, Australia. It provides you with the perfect Australian luxury vacation if you are a nature lover. You need only turn your head to see the world’s most spectacular coral reef. The Great Barrier Reef offers you the chance to snorkel in its wondrous clear waters as you gaze at various species of fish indigenous to the region. The crystal-clear beaches surrounding the Coral Sea will take you right to the Great Barrier Reef.

Angsana is the only resort in Palm Grove that will give you all the privacy you could ask for during your Australian luxury vacation. If you feel like taking a little hike, you can trek in the world’s oldest rainforest. For those that prefer to explore and have a little excitement during their Australian all inclusive luxury vacation, you will love whitewater rafting. There is no shortage of excitement to be had at Angsana.

After you finish with all of the adventures of the day, enjoy a tranquil stay at Angsana’s spa where you will be pampered — mind, body and soul. Once you taste the delights of the region’s best foods and wines, you can turn in for the night and relax in your suite that is fully equipped with all of the modern amenities. You can’t find genuine luxury and excitement like this any other place else in the world.

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