10.11.2010 Australia, Queensland, Great Barrier Reef

Australia Adventure Vacations - Everything at WhitsundaysA visit to the beach is an almost mandatory part of any good Australia adventure vacation. Fresh air, gorgeous sunshine, fun people to meet, swimming, diving, surfing and sunning all await the beachgoer in Australia — and there’s even more to the ideal beach experience waiting in the amazing archipelago called Whitsundays. A chain of small islands along the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays is an outstanding place to either relax indulgently or to explore exciting new opportunities. Whatever your taste, absolutely everything can be done at Whitsundays’ many beaches.

For those looking for a comfortable place to relax, the beaches of the island are fringed with dozens of palm trees. It isn’t hard to find a nice spot to unwind; what’s hard is choosing from the sheer variety of inviting spots all around the beaches. Alternatively, for those who prefer a bit more interaction and entertainment, beach parties and barbeques are a common sight on the white sands of Whitsundays. There’s always someone fun to meet and share a story with while waiting for some expertly-cooked food to be served.

Stretching a bit further out from the beaches, there’s the Barrier Reef itself. Whitsundays is known for its clear aquamarine waters, and is home to some spectacularly beautiful wildlife that can be scouted. Ships are available for those who want to view the gorgeous sites from above, while others can be rented for a snorkeling or diving experience that lets the eager adventurer get up close and personal.

The long and the short of it is that the only people who couldn’t find something to do on Whitsundays are those who aren’t trying very hard. This little island chain is perfect for a solo adventure or a romantic getaway, and putting it on the list of vacation spots is definitely a must for anyone who wants to experience a whole range of activities instead of focusing on one specific part of Australian vacation life.

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