22.09.2010 Australia

For the romantic newlywed, nothing less than an Australia honeymoon vacation will do. Australia is a beautiful country, full of old stories and new adventures — a perfect setting for a newly-married couple eager to get away from absolutely everything while they explore their new relationship and a new place at the same time. When it comes to such a vacation, the Indian-Pacific Rail Journey is one of the premier choices. Travelers get to journey in intimate company with one another, and can see great paths of the country in a fast paced trip through the heart of the land.

The train offers private cabins with lounging chairs specifically designed for luxurious, comfortable travel. Travelers with a romantic bent have the privacy they desire, along with the ability to mingle and make new friends as the trip progresses, all in perfect comfort without the need to decide where to go next. The dining car offers more opportunities to mingle, as well as the first-class Australian food and wine that a honeymooning pair will come to love and respect by the end of their journey.

The trip is a three-day journey, and passengers embark from the famous Sydney, Australia. The first day involves a swift trek to Broken Hill, with dinner set during a brilliant sunset across the horizon. Day two will take travelers through the exciting city of Adelaide, with beautiful parks and rolling hill vistas, before sweeping across the great expanse of the country to the distant reach of Kalgoorlie. The distances involved in this trip are truly breathtaking, taking travelers across almost all of Australia in this one leg. Finally, the trip settles in at Perth on the last day, Australia’s fourth-largest city and home to some of the best seafood and coastal culture to be found anywhere in the world.

Truly, for folks eager to explore the whole of Australia while enjoying the romantic company of their new spouse, the Indian-Pacific journey is an ideal choice.

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