21.09.2010 Australia, Tasmania

Australia’s many all-inclusive vacations are some of the most exciting and abundantly-packed in the world. Many of these packages choose to focus on one particular location, letting travelers get the whole experience of a particular region. One of the more popular destinations for these deals is the island province of Tasmania, an intriguing state with its own unique biosphere, cuisine and collection of exciting vacation activities. Whether traveling alone to recharge, seeking a romantic getaway or looking for a family outing, the discerning traveler surely will find something wonderful to do in Tasmania.

Canoeing and Kayaking — Compared to the more river-based kayaking of the main continent, Tasmania offers a unique experience based around the island’s many sheltered coves. This allows an unprecedented and unrivaled view of the sea life and coastline for the traveler interested in a sunny water journey.

Freycinet — One of the most beautiful national parks in Australia, Freycinet offers a view not to be found anywhere else in the world. In particular, visitors come to stand in admiration of the beautiful pink granite mountains that stand over the park like ancient sentinels. Wildlife and nature tours also abound, with rangers and tour guides at quick access.

History and Culture — Tasmania is home to a unique portion of Australia’s aboriginal heritage. Legends and stories here share many of the same traits as those on the mainland, but have their own local twist and variations that make them a worthwhile pursuit to the multiculturally-minded visitor.

Cuisine — The city of Hobart in particular, but all of Tasmania in general, is famous for its fusion of traditional south-Pacific delicacies with a typically Australian multi-national sensibility. Combining delicious seafood from the region with Australia’s justifiably famous wines and beers, Tasmania is a place that the gourmand and gourmet visitors would find well-suited to their expansive palates.

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