08.09.2010 Australia, Perth, Western Australia

Perth is one of the open secrets in Australia luxury vacations — famous enough to be known about, but just reserved enough to be less traveled than its more famous cousins such as Melbourne and Sydney. Folks on holiday can find a great deal to appreciate in Perth, and there are plenty of activities and accommodations to settle a truly luxurious vacation around.

For example, a happy couple on a honeymoon could spend a day on the Swan River, taking an elegant cruise along the shores of the city. This kind of cruise has something for everyone, with a stop in Fremantle to explore the area’s historic district, or a slow trip to the sunny and relaxing beaches of nearby Rottnest Island for a day in the sun and languid air.

Fremantle itself is a delightful place to spend a day in relaxed enjoyment. A truly bohemian place, the entire town is less of an administrative location and more of a semi-permanent festival of arts and culture. Street musicians and performers happily entertain all over the city, free concerts are always available at the local Arts Centre, and the famous Australian zest for diverse and lively food is happily on display for any visitor to participate in.

There are also many parks to take a relaxing holiday among in Perth. Most spectacular of all is King’s Park, home to an impressive and beautiful Eucalyptus forest that provides pleasant, cool shade in an afternoon of sunny relaxation. Or if guests are feeling more active, they can contact local guides for talks and walks that cover all manner of topics, ranging from the biology and history of the park and Perth itself, to practical survival skills that people still use to get by in the Australian bush country.

Whatever a traveler’s fancy, Perth will surely have something to satisfy it, and is always eager to put itself on display for those who travel to this corner of the world.

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