23.09.2010 Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Yarra Valley, Barossa Valley

All-inclusive vacations in Australia often focus around a particular theme for the journey. For example, one of the most popular all-inclusive packages is the concept of the food and wine tour — a city-by-city and region-to-region journey that allows visitors to sample the wide variety of Australian food and drink for themselves. Australia is an enormous country, with different climates, soil types and overall environments in its many locales. These differences create remarkable variations in the food available, and touring through this experience is a great way to get to know the country and its people.

When it comes to Australian wines, the Yarra Valley is the place to be. Home to more than 55 wineries and more than 100 vineyards, the valley encompasses everything from the small-scale micro winery to the massive, famous chateaus that serve the needs of high-class restaurants around the world.

Alternatively, there’s the practice of cellar-hopping in Barossa. Quite different from the classic winery experience, cellar visits are much more personal and low-key, allowing people to sample a number of surprising local secrets while getting to know the growers and bottlers on a one-on-one basis.

Climate has an important effect on wine, something that Coal River takes advantage of. Specializing in cool-climate wines, Coal River produces local varietals that are uniquely different to the offerings from the more traditional warm areas in Australia. Similarly, the cuisine of Tasmania is unique and different compared to the main island’s offerings, allowing clever seafood and south Pacific pairings sure to delight.

These are only three of the exciting destinations available to visitors eager to sample the food and drink of this beautiful country, and don’t even touch on the many ways to get to these places. There are cruise ships, ferryboats, luxury train rides and high-end road journeys that can be planned for an exciting food tour. Whatever way one chooses to travel and wherever one wishes to go for his next meal, Australia offers many choices to satisfy the body and spirit alike.

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