22.09.2010 New Zealand

There’s nothing quite like a good luxury travel tour. High-quality luxury vehicles in the SUV and sedan class are all easily available to the vacationer, and New Zealand offers some truly spectacular terrain and experiences along its various roads. Combining the two elements with a skilled local tour guide who knows her way around the various sites, attractions and eating establishments is a sure way to create a long-lasting and memorable experience, which is exactly the purpose of the Christchurch-Hanmer Springs driving tour.

Following the Alpine Pacific Highway in a circuit from the city of Christchurch to Hanmer Springs and back, the tour is a three-day adventure through exotic environmental wonders and indulgent luxuries among the finest in the world. Christchurch itself is famous in New Zealand as a home of arts and culture, with performance and display works available at all hours. From there it is on to the coast of Kaikoura, a beachside getaway home to whale watchers and sunbathers that nicely breaks up the driving portions of the trip. Hanmer Springs itself hosts pools and massage therapists in a number of locations, all trained and eager to help travelers get the most out of their resting sections of the trip.

The famous New Zealand cuisine also is on display during the trip. Guides know all the best restaurants and wineries along the way, and can offer up a combination of their personal favorite locations and locally famous spots for the traveler to indulge in. Short stops at cafes, cellar visits at specialty microbrew houses, and picnics are options that visitors can expect during one of these luxury tours, as are New Zealand’s list of first-class resting accommodations. At the end of it all, there’s a leisurely return to Christchurch itself, then home with memories and friendships to share and enjoy.

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