17.10.2010 Australia, New South Wales, Blue Mountains

Wolgan Valley resort and spa is a luxury destination in Australia that gives visitors the full frontier visual and makes them feel like true Australian pioneers.

For the outdoorsman, Wolgan Valley is an ideal Australian luxury vacation getaway spot. It is located right on Australia’s Great Dividing Range — just a 3-hour drive from Australia’s capital of Sydney. Visitors are surrounded by the amazing sights of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, making this fabulously-built resort right at the center of Australia’s famous wildlife.

Wolgan Valley is fully immersed in a 4,000-acre conservancy reserve and two national parks. Here tourists have the option of staying in their own individual suite with a private deck and a swimming pool, and even a double-sided fireplace. Each suite takes guests back to the colonial times, but with contemporary edge that takes one’s breath away. Indoors is beautifully tranquil, and much of the furniture is handcrafted by locals. Also, the outdoor activities that visitors can enjoy with their own guide on hand will ensure that their stay is both fun and exciting. Some of the fantastic activities that guests and their families can participate in are:

  • Horseback riding
  • Hiking the terrain
  • Mountain biking
  • Wildlife safari
  • Taking a 4-wheel-drive tour

Visitors to Wolgan Valley resort and spa can do all of this while viewing Australian wildlife including kangaroos, wallabies, koalas and wombats.

For guests who want to wind down after a long day of vigorous activity, the on-site spa definitely provides with the right balance of rest and luxury to make them feel their best. Visitors’ days will be complete once they dine on fresh, authentic, local foods from the region, including the regional ploughman’s platter, antipasto, a salted white bait fritter served with a crispy salad and butternut pumpkin with black cod tortellini.

As guests end their full day at the resort, they can look outside of their suite window at some of the most breathtaking terrain they will ever gaze at. Wolgan Valley is the perfect luxury vacation spot for those that want to experience a side of Australia that often is overlooked when creating a luxurious atmosphere. Here you get to go back in time and see Australia the way it was so long ago.

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