08.09.2010 Australia, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria

The Australian Alps provide a setting for many exciting vacation packages to Australia. Home to well over a dozen parks and preserves, host to activities both active and recreational and gorgeous in many different ways each season of the year, these iconic Australian mountains provide just as many wonders as their European namesakes.

The sheer diversity of activities and vistas available in the Australian Alps is a direct result of their wide range across the country. They stretch through three provinces of Australia, specifically New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

New South Wales is home to Mount Kosciuszko, and is appropriately snowy for such a high altitude region. Some of the best skiing and snowboarding are to be found here in the Australian wintertime, providing recreational and competitive activities alike. Spring and summer offer the opportunity to visit the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and in the fall visitors are encouraged to go fishing and canoeing through the region’s many rivers of astounding clarity.

The mountains around Victoria also offer opportunities for exciting skiing and snowboarding, but it is the off-winter months that are truly the most interesting. Lake Eildon hosts waterskiing and swimming in the warmer months, and in the fall the view of the foliage is spectacular when viewed from a luxury all-wheel-vehicle tour.

The ACT has its own wonders as well, particularly for visitors wanting to mingle their high-altitude experiences with an abundant and ancient sense of history. The aboriginal culture is strong in the ACT, just waiting for people to rediscover it and learn about this oldest of Australian traditions. Campsites with ancient art depicting millennia-old customs and traditions, caves where tribes harvested the local moths and standing stone arrangements all can be unlocked through the knowledge of experienced local guides, making any vacation to the ACT Alps into something approaching a visionary quest.

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