13.08.2010 New Zealand, North Island, Rotorua

A truly invigorating way to have a New Zealand adventure vacation is to take a bike trek across its many miles of rugged and breathtaking frontier, and there are a number of events specifically tailored to those who enjoy a good stretch of biking through trails and mountains.

Rotura, New Zealand, is home to two particularly exiting events. In May, there’s the Cateye Moonride. Bikers can ride a variety of trails and exciting terrain through the Whakarewarewa Forest for this event, in stages ranging from 6 hours to the full 24. In November, Rotura hosts Bike the Lake, a tour that follows the rim of this volcanic region’s biggest body of water, in single- or two-lap varieties. Other rides across the country include the 8 Laps, the Karioi Classic, the Mt. Isobel Challenge and more.

Visitors of all skill and fitness levels are encouraged to participate in these biking challenges and events. Elite riders are encouraged to compete at their best level, while more casual bikers are entirely welcome as well. Travelers can enter in solo or team events, making this Kiwi tradition acceptable for the lone journeyer or a biking-oriented trip for the entire family.

Of course, most bicycling enthusiasts would prefer to bring their bikes to New Zealand. Fortunately, there are easy ways to do it. For example, Air New Zealand offers a variety of options for people intending to bring their bikes. If flying from Australia or other parts near, a bike up to 10 kilograms (about 20 pounds) can be stowed for free. Those traveling from further abroad such as the U.S. can include a bike as part of their luggage on Air New Zealand as well. On the other hand, if this just isn’t feasible, there’s no reason to fret — the biking-friendly culture of New Zealand means that many bikes of good quality are easy to find and cheap to rent for your stay.

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