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Effortless Travel: SEAMLESSLY by Touring Treasures

Time is the most precious commodity we have. Even when undertaking the journey of a lifetime, the manner in which we invest our time is paramount. Seamlessly by Touring Treasures selects the very best in destinations, experiences, accommodation and adventures linking them together by private jet in an effortless, continuous journey which reaps rewards well beyond the time taken.

By selecting Seamlessly by Touring Treasures, you are selecting the very best in service, food, wine, suites and travel reaching locations not usually accessible and experiences reserved for the very few. Limited to only eight guests onboard the Falcon900XE, all of your needs are anticipated as are the details. All that is left for you to do is immerse yourself in the travel, take time for yourself so the journey may stay with you forever.

A profound journey

We all desire a sojourn which embeds us in the destination, culture and environment; a profound journey.
When selecting the destinations, accommodations and experiences for Seamlessly by Touring Treasures, the Travel Designers hand selected those which are unique, authentic, providing the guests a deeper appreciation of the location.

Activities are heightened through the intimate knowledge of local guides and experts whilst you will have time to soak up the surrounds in privacy and seclusion. Even if you have been to a destination previously, you will view it completely differently on a Seamlessly by Touring Treasures tour. We aim for our guests to complete their tour invigorated, enriched, enlightened and with memories which will make them smile long after reaching home.

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Luxury en route

SEAMLESSLY by Touring Treasures has selected a Falcon900XE as it is the epitome of luxury aviation yet also, its ability to land on shorter runways opens up more possibilities.

As seen in a recent Robb Report feature, the aircraft strikes you as warm and inviting as you step into the full height cabin. The seats are hand stitched with the smoothest Italian leather punctuated by walnut panelling. The nearly eight- foot wide cabin is discreetly separated into three sections accommodating eight people in multiple seating configurations. Each wing chair can be reclined for the greatest comfort and the chaise longue convert to beds.

Beyond the shore

Integrated into the Seamlessly by Touring Treasures’ itineraries are opulent and memorable experiences onboard superyachts.  Calling on the leading superyachts of the region, specific destinations are selected to discover from the sea.  It is a glimpse into the perfection of the yachting lifestyle.

Touring Treasures is your travel partner flawlessly bringing together your private jet flights, personalised tours, luxury accommodation and, now, your yachting experience.  From the moment you leave your home, each element is managed so you can focus on the experience on land, in the air and at sea.  After undertaking a Touring Treasure’s bespoke travel plan, you will wonder how you ever travelled before.

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Steps to a Journey as Unique as You Are

It is a journey for which you have yearned for a lifetime.  Your plans are uncompromising, and so should your travel be.  Allow us to bring it to life for you.

Touring Treasures will work with you to select the perfect dates, destinations, experiences and highlights.  Then we weave it together is a bespoke itinerary which achieves all of which you dream.

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Safety Touring

If it can be imagined then it can be delivered by Touring Treasures

A private tour of the Sydney Opera House perhaps? Or diving the Great Barrier Reef with a preeminent Marine Biologist? A private dinner in the Barossa Valley with Australia’s leading chefs and wine makers? Shucking fresh abalone on the coastline of New Zealand’s South Island? Standing atop of Mount Cook surveying ‘Middle Earth’?

If it can be imagined then it can be delivered by Touring Treasures.

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