30.06.2010 New Zealand

One aspect that some vacationers unfortunately miss out on is including aerial fun in their New Zealand vacation package. New Zealand has some magnificent natural landscapes, and the view becomes positively breathtaking when you go just a dozen feet or more into the air. Many of the sites and attractions of the youngest country on earth can accommodate a desire to see the country from up high, and give a unique perspective on the regional geography.

First, there are hundreds of light planes and helicopters available for private charter. A tour aboard one of these can be a truly exciting and yet deeply relaxing experience. The world falls away beneath the plane, leaving only the sight of the terrain and the shape of the land, a gorgeous view to behold. Alternatively, a helicopter tour can take you from high up in the air to right down amid the sites themselves, giving a majestic change of perspective in just a few moments’ time.

For those interested in a more open-air experience, there’s the option of hot air ballooning. This is one of the most luxurious options for air travel, ideally suited for lazily floating along the coasts or hills of the country. A balloon goes high up enough to change the outlook on things, but stays close enough to earth to see the shape of buildings and the amazing architecture of the country, if so desired.

Of course, sometimes travelers want a bit of excitement and control over their flying, and New Zealand provides opportunities galore. Guests can rent a boat and go parasailing behind it, floating on the wind with their parachute spread wide. Hang gliders are available for rent along with lessons, allowing visitors to take wing and ride the thermals and air currents, all without the drone or buzz of an engine to interrupt.

Whichever means of air travel one desires, it will open up a new perspective on scenic New Zealand, and shouldn’t be left out of an itinerant’s vacation package.


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