01.07.2010 New Zealand

A vacation is all about having a good time, and for some people, that means a vacation filled with adventure. New Zealand is a beautiful island nation full of wonderful places to explore, and Luxury Adventures is offering its New Zealand Adventure Vacation to those who want to experience some of the exciting delights the country has to offer.

This isn’t a vacation for those who like to sit still, but for people who want to travel as much as possible. The accommodations include the Treetops Lodge in Rotorua, Nelson’s Straw Lodge, the Whare Kea Lodge and Whare Kea Chalet in Wanaka, two luxurious apartments in Queenstown and the Sky City Grand Hotel in Auckland to round things out. Each facility has its own unique charms and delights — the Whare Kea Chalet is reached by helicopter and lies amid a stunning blanket of snow during the winter, while the Forty Two apartment in Queenstown boasts luxuries such as under floor heating and catering arrangements.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an adventure vacation without the adventures, and this package has plenty to offer. First, there’s the 7-hour Lost World Epic: Descend 100 meters into a magnificent cave and see the natural underground life and wonders. The trip will include two meals, one beneath the earth and the second a wonderful BBQ at the end of the trip. The package even thoughtfully includes time to have a nice shower and breather before the final meal.

In Rotorua, you can experience a guided mountain bike tour among some of the most beautiful hilly terrain in the world. There are experiences available for everyone. More than 100 kilometers of trails exist, with levels designed to accommodate young children and beginners to more advanced terrain for the experienced rider. There also is a fly-fishing expedition for your second day in Rotorua. Fishing for trout and learning good technique on New Zealand’s bright, clear rivers is a treat that’s sure to be remembered.

Other adventures abound as well. There are nature walks and daylong or overnight hikes into the hills. But perhaps the most exciting is the chance to go ice climbing in Queenstown. Accompanied by experienced guides, you’ll be in good hands as you ascend the crystal cold heights to take in gorgeous vistas you’ll definitely feel you’ve earned.

If you’re looking for a combination of extravagant luxury accommodations and vigorous, go get ’em entertainment, this package is a solid bet.


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