28.06.2010 Australia

A honeymoon vacation is the perfect time to come to Australia. The food is incredible, the culture is exciting and the sights are not to be missed. Some of the most fun in any Australian honeymoon is, of course, getting to visit the incredible cities that Australia has to offer. Fortunately for the discerning, there’s the Cosmopolitan Cities tour. This exciting package offers honeymooning couples a romantic experience they’re sure to remember.

This is a leisure package, designed for people who like to choose their own adventure rather than sticking to someone else’s strict itinerary. It encompasses 4 days each in the extraordinary cities of Melbourne and Sydney, two of the signature attractions for tourists around the world.

After flying from the United States, romantic vacationers will arrive at Melbourne and settle in at their local accommodations. One of the first elements the honeymooners will notice is the proliferation of Melbourne’s famous BYO restaurants, which are establishments that encourage patrons to bring their own drinks with them. This dining option is perfect for people who know the exact wine or cocktail they like with a meal, and want to be sure it’s available. Other events that can’t be missed are local sports, such as cricket or Australian Rules football, as well as the wonderful architectural scene. Old Victorian buildings stand interspersed among modern steel and glass wonders, making the simple act of walking down the streets a memorable occasion.

After Melbourne, the package offers a flight over to Sydney. This is a city offering something for everyone. Magnificent beaches for sunbathing and swimming, the Sydney Opera house, a vibrant culture of religious and secular events and structures — whatever you have an interest in exploring for your romantic getaway, Sydney has it all. Even the Opera House itself shows the city’s diversity, as it offers musical and dramatic performances alike in its five distinct halls.

For those looking for an urban paradise in which to spend their honeymoon, the Cosmopolitan Cities package is not to be neglected.

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