13.09.2010 New Zealand

In seeking out that perfect New Zealand luxury vacation, many travelers demand the absolute comfort provided by the islands’ many boutique accommodations. Boutiques are varied in their style and substance, but all are settled in gorgeous locations with a combination of welcoming bed and breakfast charm and local delights to savor and enjoy.

Boutiques are best suited for the vacationer who wants something unique and exciting compared to big package trips. Each boutique is a new experience, offering different delights and opportunities to the discerning visitor. For example, one location might offer delicious, home-cooked meals and the country’s famous wine to their guests. Another might have a keen eye on the local arts culture and arrange a tour of the galleries and workshops for a visitor with high culture on his mind. Truly, there is something for everyone among these comfortable lodgings.

One thing that all boutiques have in common is intimacy. They generally arrange for very small numbers of clients, having limited rooms available. This is perfect for the traveler that wants a comfortably private experience, without the hubbub of people moving to and fro amongst a bigger hotel. In particular, couples seeking out a luxurious honeymoon experience will find quite a bit of peace, quiet and privacy if they choose this option.

As an example of the boutique lifestyle, there’s the Straw Lodge in Blenheim. Offering fully-hosted lodgings set in a gorgeous vineyard, the Lodge has as many or as few activities as a guest could want. Golf, organic wine tastings, guided tours through the nearby Conservation trails and leisurely bike rides along the riverside are all readily at hand. Start the day off with a brisk walk in the woods and end with a picnic by the water, or ask a friendly guide for a custom tour in the region — the choices are quite endless.

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