13.09.2010 Australia, New South Wales

Not every Australian vacation package focuses on a single destination. Australia is a vast country, full of life and a vibrancy that demands to be explored at large, in great trips that take in the whole of the land. As such, some of the best such packages focus on a broad tour of an entire province in the country, and New South Wales is one of the most beautiful places in the world to spend a relaxing week away from home, exploring the wonders of its many cities and sights.

Foremost are the grand city of Sydney and its environs. A well-known outdoor harbor sort of town, Sydney is a crossroads in every sense of the word, serving as a home and a stopover for many cultures and identities from around the entire world. The Sydney Opera House signifies the city’s legendary commitment to culture and the arts, while many small and secret restaurants and cafés speak of more commonplace secrets and wonders, all waiting to be discovered by the adventurous.

The North and South coasts provide further opportunities to enjoy the sun and the beaches, as well as unique looks at the local wildlife. The North coast is home to Humpback Whales that move majestically through the ocean, and can be seen and photographed on whaling trips. The South coast, meanwhile, will show off dolphins and the local kangaroo wildlife Australia is rightly famous for. The beaches of each are full of opportunities to swim, sun or go surfing in a variety of ways including both wind- and motor-powered — an experience sure to build fond memories.

Further inland, visitors get a chance to have a local guide show them the way through the New South Wales outback. The aboriginal culture of Australia is long and deep, with tales and art that can satisfy any mind with a heart for new places and exciting ideas, and is a perfect way to cap off a tour of this lovely Australian province.


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