28.02.2011 New Zealand, South Island

New Zealand Luxury Vacation - Arthur's Pass Wilderness Lodge

New Zealand luxury vacations have quite a bit to offer, particularly those vacations themed around lodge culture. The Arthur’s Pass Wilderness Lodge is an excellent example of the rugged luxuries that New Zealand has to offer its visitors. New Zealanders are always eager to surprise a visitor with the exceptional comfort and quality service of their lodges.

The lodge prides itself on having very well-appointed and comfortable rooms, in two sets of suites. The first are the mountain view rooms, which are traditional vacation luxury hotel-style setups with gorgeous views of the countryside. Alternatively, there are the more private alpine lodges, which turn over a miniature home to two guests for their enjoyment as they stay. Both arrangements are filled with comfortable appointments such as full-length doors to open to the gorgeous New Zealand air and sky in the mountain view rooms, or gas-heated spa and bath with equally stunning views in the alpine lodges.

The lodge also offers the kind of first-class food that vacationers to New Zealand have come to expect. The finest New Zealand and Australian wines are readily available for guests’ enjoyment, and the locally-sourced lamb dishes are absolutely magnificent. Further, the lodge offers a “table of the house” menu for the adventurous-minded. This menu is a unique set of selections that change every evening, allowing guests to sample a wide range of culinary delights. Additionally, a vegetarian option is always available for those who prefer it.

There are, of course, wonderful activities to engage in around the lodge, ranging from private, short walks around the beautiful environs to first-class privately guided tours of the local area, explaining the history, biodiversity and sometimes even the geology of the region, showing off a side of New Zealand few customers are lucky enough to experience.

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