02.03.2011 Australia, Tasmania

A fine example of an activity to engage in on an Australia luxury vacation, the Taste Festival is Tasmania’s annual food and wine event. Foodies, chefs, wine afficionados and more all come together during the New Year in Australia’s summertime to experience eight days and seven nights of pure revelry and culinary indulgence.

One of the show’s unique specialties among Food Fests is the passion for the chefs on hand to use only Tasmanian sourced ingredients to reinterpret international dishes, ranging from American specialties such as the hamburger to exotic Indian curries. Paired up with the legendary experience of fine Australian wine, and these delights are sure to captivate the senses of the festival’s guests.

Many guests take the time to learn the arts of Tasmanian cooking themselves, as there are a number of chefs at the event who hold short classes for large and small groups alike. This is perfect for the family that discovers a new favorite and simply must have the secret of it to take home with them as a memory of their spectacular food vacation.

Of course, the food isn’t everything. Action and adventure await the guest who wants something enjoyable to do while recovering from a spectacular degustation meal. Indoor and outdoor stages showcase the talents of local and international musicians for the enjoyment of visitors, often with their own complement of fine beers and wines to sample. Or there’s the activities at Princess Wharf. Visitors can take a luxury yacht or catamaran around the coastline, enjoying the sun or the stars in equal delight as they sail their cares away in complete comfort and joy, often to the same strains of music floating up over the water as other guests are enjoying in concierto.

In short, the Tasmania Taste Festival has absolutely everything. Fun activities, delicious food, enjoyable culture, all of it is on display and easily accessible, making Tasmania the place for a dedicated foodie to spend their New Year luxury vacation.

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