25.02.2011 Australia, New South Wales, Sydney

Adventure Vacation to Australia - New South Wales

Those looking to experience an adventure vacation to Australia will certainly find a lot to enjoy in the exciting environs of New South Wales. Home to one of Australia’s iconic cities, it is a massive state containing every kind of adventurous activity, ranging from exploring the local arts and culture scene in Sydney to snowboarding in the mountains above the country. For vacationers eager to add excitement and zest to their experience, New South Wales will never disappoint.

Sydney itself is a monument to vacation greatness. There are opportunities to sail around the harbor in a luxurious boat, or to surf in the waves of Bondi Beach. The phenomenal Sydney Opera House is a must-see attraction for those eager to explore the arts and culture scene, and the city’s many avenues are home to enough gourmet food and quiet cafés to satisfy every palate and personality.

Head north, and one finds the rather aptly-named North Coast. The experience here begins with the gorgeous Australian beaches, but this is hardly the limit of one’s activities. Scuba diving and snorkeling are readily available for guests on arrangement, allowing for ready and exciting exploration of the magnificent underwater wildlife. Humpback whales can be observed from boat or from shore at certain times of the year, and the restaurants remain simply top-notch.

Of course, there are also the Snowy Mountains, which include Australia’s highest peaks. Snowboarding and skiing are popular pastimes on these high elevations, and there is little in the world more relaxing and soothing than gliding down the mountains through the snow, only to emerge in a comfortably warm lodge where great food and delicious drinks await. Mountainside picnics are also popular, allowing adventure to turn to a romantic meal should the visitors to these hillsides be so inclined.

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