01.07.2010 Australia

For those looking to explore Australia with a luxury tour, building an exclusive, custom-built travel package with a team of expert guides is a great way to ensure a memorable expedition. Such trips allow you to visit what you want, when you want, and at the pace you desire.

Many such outfitters that offer custom-built travel packages also have pre-packaged tours all ready to go featuring adventures that thrust you into a world teeming with wonders. You can use these packages as a base to choose your own adventure, or rewrite the itinerary completely. As always, when visiting Australia, there’s no shortage of things to do!

Suppose you want a trip that begins with morning tea before setting out to view some of the magnificent local wildlife. You can request that the journey is taken in a luxuriously-appointed 4WD vehicle and includes a stop for an exquisite lunch. Perhaps you want to see ancient trees more than two centuries old, take a stroll along a tropical beach or see the Daintree River by cable car. No problem!

The main draw of these tours is that they are truly user-friendly, and can encompass anything from pure sightseeing and wildlife observation to multicultural exchanges and visits with aboriginal elders — all in the embrace of truly comfortable travel amenities.

Of course, the sights themselves are only half of the equation. When you’re working with a fantastic tour group, your guides are incredibly knowledgeable about their craft and eager to share their love of all things Australia. All in all, if you have the means and the inclination, an individualized tour is a definite must.

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