17.12.2010 Australia, Melbourne

Melbourne By Design: Specially-crafted Tours for the Luxury Enthusiast

The ultimate luxury travel package is the one tailor-made for the participant. Some people enjoy an outstanding full spa treatment, others want a vacation that allows them to explore beautiful sights while riding a bike. Melbourne, in particular, is full of delightful and exciting opportunities to get the exact kind of customized vacation the discerning luxury holidaymaker is looking to achieve.

For the spiritually- and contemplatively-inclined, there are a number of Yoga, spa and spiritual wellbeing escapes that are offered. For example, vacationers can listen to soothing, relaxing New Age music in the comfort of a delightfully hot bath after a morning spent practicing Tai Chi on the lawn of a luxury resort accommodation, and then delight in meals made from organic and ethically sourced ingredients by Australia’s legendary local chefs.

Those after a more active way of experiencing the land down under can take bike rides and hikes through Melbourne’s park districts, examining the unique ecology and natural wonders of the city and its countryside. A day begun with a stiff cup of tea can be spent traveling through the nearby ecosystem and end with a delicious picnic among the vines of the city’s many gardens and parks.

And, of course, for those who can’t live without an absolutely magnificent view, the city has several famous helicopter tours that can be made available by arrangement. Helicopter tours are magnificent for this purpose because they allow an immediate, drastic change from hovering down amid the cityscape to soaring above it so high the cars below look like toys. Any view can be had, and the astounding variety of options is sure to take the breath from anyone.

Last but certainly not least, there are numerous aboriginal experiences that can be had in Melbourne. Stories of the ancient time known as the Dream, histories of the various tribes and their experiences before and after the arrival of settlers and astounding collections of native artwork and artifacts will warm the heart and open the mind to the wonders of the country that is Australia.

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