14.07.2010 Australia, Victoria, Melbourne

When it comes to Luxury travel vacations, a great deal of focus is put on planning how to spend the day — as it should be. However, one must not discount the possibilities of a city’s wonderful nightlife as part of a rich opportunity to enjoy a good vacation. Melbourne, in particular, has a reputation as a spectacular place to be after dark, with food, fun and festivity around every corner for the discerning traveling cadre.

This is the kind of tour that thrives on having an experienced local guide to show you all the ins and outs of a proper Melbourne evening. A good guide will always direct travelers to the impressive Eureka Skydeck 88. This is an experience that seems simple enough at first, but is truly a wonder to behold. Stepping into a glass cube suspended nearly 900 feet above the city, with an unobstructed view of the entire cityscape below and before you, lit up in the night is a wonder to behold.

The evening also is a time to engage in fine dining and the sampling of Australia’s justifiably famous wine varieties. For those eager to enjoy the nighttime atmosphere in the open, sidewalk dining is a common practice in Little Italy. Melbourne is home to one of the South Pacific’s oldest Italian immigrant populations, which manages to both honor the traditional foods of Italy while putting a local spin on things with native ingredients and drinks.

After dinner, parties and cocktails await in Federation Square and Southbank Promenade. These locales offer a number of clubs and social halls, with entertainment to suit every stripe. Whether you’re looking for quiet drinks in a comfortable atmosphere or a bit of dancing and cutting loose with the more energetic set, there is something for everyone.

Melbourne arguably is one of the best nightlife cities in Australia, and a good vacation should include at least one hedonistic night out on the town in this wonderful place.


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