15.07.2010 Australia, Victoria, Melbourne
Melbourne Skyline with Yarra River

Much of the real fun of an Australia package vacation lies in experiencing the many elements the culture has to offer, and there are few events more quintessentially cultural than Melbourne’s annual International Arts festival. This year’s festival, scheduled for October 8 through October 23, is set to be a multimedia experience encompassing lightshows, musical compositions, science and emotion, and will be sure to leave no heart unmoved.

There is no way to list all of the events, because there are literally dozens of performances scheduled for the festival. Pieter De Bussyer and Jacob Wren will be conducting a performance and lecture combination discussing the role of optimism in an ever more difficult world. Taryn Simon will give a multimedia tour of places that the public rarely gets to see, so guests of the festival can get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of the everyday. Opera group Hotel Pro Forma will engage a piece called Tomorrow, in a Year that takes a look at the influence science and evolution have had on the world we live in. If there is a single theme running through the whole event, it is the complexity of life and the power of the human experience, a motif sure to elevate the spirit.

A vacation package set in Melbourne around the festival of course requires first class accommodations, and Melbourne can deliver with pride. There are numerous high class, luxurious hotels in the city, many within walking or short transit distance of the festival’s grounds. The festival homepage also lists a number of dining establishments ranging from the excitement of low-cost pubs, to the more intimate and sumptuous extravagance of high dining. Foods and wines from all over the world, particularly the legendary local wines and cuisine are all at hand for the taking, meaning guests will neither go hungry or without delight as they take in all that Melbourne’s musical legends have to offer.


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