31.12.2010 Australia, Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas Luxury Travel Vacation: Luxury Reef Cruises

Let’s face it — the ultimate luxury travel vacation is the one where a holidaymaker can get away from absolutely everything and everyone. The Synergy II’s specialized reef cruises offer just such a luxury.

The Synergy II is a grand example of the high-class catamarans that have come to define luxury escape sailing. Sixty-two feet long with a unique external and internal visual style, it’s a dreamboat beyond compare, offering superb comfort and excellent sailing characteristics that make it an ideal choice for yachting enthusiasts. Further, it is 30 feet wide, or abeam. This makes it sit very comfortably in the water, offering a very stable experience that allows for the maximum of comfort and enjoyment without being tossed about or rocked without warning.

Its catamaran construction also gives it a shallow draft, sitting very close to the water without sitting too deep inside it. This makes it ideal for touring Australia’s gorgeous reefs. The ship is in no danger of taking damage where other ships would, so travelers can get right up close with some of the more gorgeous marine environments Australia has to offer. Spectacular and subtle views alike are available to guests on the craft.

The Synergy II can be rented out for day cruises around the reef or for longer, chartered excursions. And, of course, the food and wine provided on the craft are outstanding, representing some of the best varieties of each available in Australia. Last but not least, the skippers of the craft are very comfortable with their charges, and are quite often very eager to share their experiences. The navigation and handling systems are readily explained, and guests frequently find themselves invited to take a turn behind the wheel of the Synergy II, guiding the ship amid the gentle, lovely waters of the Australian seas.

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