31.01.2011 Australia, New South Wales, Blue Mountains, Victoria

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The vast wildlife of the bush and the mountains make excellent settings for Australian adventure vacations. These are beautiful places, rich with the local wildlife both in flora and fauna, and full of their own unique histories. Many holidaymakers agree that their vacations to Australia wouldn’t be complete without the chance to explore some of the more exotic locales of the country, so here are three of the more breathtaking places one can visit.

Tasmania’s National Parks

Forty percent of Tasmania has been set aside and protected as national parkland. This means there is always a fresh, nearly completely wild place that can be visited within a short trip’s distance. The local mountains, pristine coastline and rainforests 60 million years old await new discoverers every day. What’s more, local guides are readily available, eager to share the stories and biodiversity of this beautiful island with their visitors.

Hike the Blue Mountains

Less than 100 miles from Sydney, the Blue Mountains have captivated poets, writers and artists for generations. So named because of the distinctive blue-tinged foggy haze that hangs among them, the Blue Mountains are an example of the stark beauty that Australia is famous for. Activities abound in the mountains, including picnicking excursions, mountain bike tours and simple hikes up the various inclines. Whatever one desires, there’s a chance to partake in the Blue Mountains.

Go High on the Alps

Australia’s Alps are a magnificent contrast to the Blue Mountains. Soaring high above three of Australia’s territories, they are famous for their snow and ice caps. Skiing and snowboarding are all part of the package here, as are comfortably warm lodgings and eating establishments. Alternatively, luxury helicopter tours can be had, a unique way to explore the height and breadth of these majestic mountains — in full comfort — from hundreds of feet in the air.

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