07.02.2011 Australia, Northern Territory, Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Luxury Travel Vacation - Longitude 131

When people think of luxury travel, the Australian Outback probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But Longitude 131 is seeking to change all that. A first-class luxury lodge set against the backdrop of the magnificent Ayers Rock, this is a place to come and enjoy the sheer contrast of luxury vacation living and gorgeous wilderness experiences.

The lodgings are some of the most unique in the world. Again, a tent doesn’t exactly scream “luxury,” does it? However, Longitude 131’s luxury tents are just that. Comfortable beds, climate control — all the appointments that make a hotel experience worthwhile are present and well-implemented. A unique feature is the ability to raise and lower the walls of the tent by remote control, allowing guests to take in the beautiful Uluru sunrises and sunsets. Each tent is named after a famous figure from Australian history, allowing a personal connection with those who have come before.

The lodge offers a number of communal amenities as well, allowing guests to get to know their fellow visitors in comfort and splendor. There’s a 24-hour bar for those who like to mix drinks and company, and an outdoor pool for the sort who want to experience warm sun and cool water at the same time. Tours of the area can be arranged in short order for a number of destinations, and there’s even a guest library for those who want to enjoy a classic while relaxing in comfortable chairs.

Dining is given special attention at the lodge, as is true of all the best luxury experiences. Breakfast is provided a la carte, as is lunch. Lunch in particular is a fun treat, as the menu changes with the seasons and is always provided with carefully-selected inclusive drinks. However, it is Table 131 that provides the absolute best dining experience anywhere in the world. A huge table set up for all guests, out under the stars of the Uluru sky, with the finest in Australian foods and wines for the sampling of the guests of the lodge, it is truly an experience rarely had in this world.

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