22.09.2010 Australia

Sometimes the best luxury travel tours are all about the sights and the shopping, as in the case of the curiously-misnamed Fashion Week. In reality, this is a two-week event separated by several months. The fashion weeks, hosted in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, are spectacular gatherings intended to showcase the best in Australian and international fashion standards, and to set the tone of what the next year will look like as far as clothing is concerned. For travelers interested in a bit of chic and a lot of style, there is no better event to take advantage of than these two galas.

The first week is always in May, in Melbourne. This is an exclusive event requiring tickets to attend, and is worth the effort of getting in. Here the newest styles will be on display, both in private invitation shows and open gatherings for everyone with a ticket. Daring artists will showcase their wears in catwalk shows, and vendors will have initial samples of the finest work they can offer available for the discerning buyer. And, as always, the food and festivities Australia is famous for will be available to sample along with the sights.

In August, the show moves on to Sydney. This is an open event, completely available to the public. All the May collections are on display for everyone who wishes to get ahold of the newest styles just as they’re becoming available. This party goes all through the best shopping centers of Sydney, such as Oxford Street and the Queen Victoria Building, taking advantage of the best-traveled areas to bring together an outstanding opportunity to shop and browse without restriction.

Both Melbourne and Sydney have world-class luxury accommodations as well, including getaway lodges and high end hotels. Any traveler with a love of fashion and high society would do themselves a great service by planning for one of these two extraordinary events in their next vacation reckoning.

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