24.12.2010 Australia, Queensland, Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas

Australia Luxury Vacation - Thala Beach Lodge: Ethically-sourced Luxury

Luxury, a high-class lodge, access to the beach, rainforest surroundings — Thala Lodge in Port Douglas offers something for everyone, and is one of Australia’s premier 5-star-rated luxury destinations available. Known as the Island on the Mainland, it’s situated within easy access of Port Douglas itself and the Barrier Reef, meaning there are a host of tours, walks, talks and relaxing activities to get up to, no matter what the inclination of the guests.

The lodgings at Thala are first class luxury bungalows, with individual setups for each vacationer rather than a single large hotel. Furnishings and bathing fixtures are outstanding and high quality, meaning the time spent indoors will be spent in absolute comfort without compare. Views are spectacular too, facing either the nearby Barrier Reef beaches and the fresh sea breeze, or toward the rainforest-enshrouded mountains and greenery that isn’t easily found anywhere else on earth.

The surrounding scenery is wonderful to behold, home to all sorts of natural wildlife such as butterflies, Australia’s many species of birds, possums and sugar gliders alike. Facilitating access to these sights and sounds are the many paths that wander along the surrounding countryside near the bungalows, meaning a grand nature tour is never further than a guest’s own front door.

Last but not least, everything at Thala is done with the highest of ecological standards in mind. Wildlife specialists are on staff to make sure that guests can interact safely and with low impact with the flora and fauna around the lodge. Tours are available explaining the many steps Thala takes to be a low-imprint facility existing in concert with its surroundings, rather than intruding on them. The resort proudly maintains certification to the highest of eco-consciousness standards.

So if you’re of a mind for a vacation that is beautiful, comfortable and ethically considerate of the environment, there is no better choice than the Thala Beach lodge near Port Douglas.

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