13.09.2010 Australia, Queensland, Brisbane

In Australia, luxury vacations mean more than first class accommodations and some of the best food in the world, though these certainly are available to visitors. True luxury includes being able to indulge the mind and the spirit, embracing all the beauty and culture of a destination. When it comes to Australia’s arts scene, the Queensland city of Brisbane is one of the foremost destinations to be visited.

For the lovers of visual art and such delights, Brisbane offers a variety of art galleries and exhibitions. There’s the Gallery of Modern Art, which is the largest modern art collection in all Australia. In addition, Queensland Art Gallery has more traditional works by some of the most famous artists from both Australia and the rest of the world.

The performing arts also are on lavish display, of course. The Queensland Performing Arts Centre hosts ballet, spoken word contests and concert series of all stripes, while the Brisbane Powerhouse produces a contemporary performing arts series of a less classical but no less dynamic and spectacular bent. The city’s West End is home to a number of independent, low-key dramatic performances, and the yearly Writer’s Festival provides access to some of the most beautiful hidden treasures of poetry and literature that have yet to reach the wider world.

A major player in these events is the legendary Australian hospitality. In addition to the actual performances comes the chance to meet a new and upcoming talent before they rise to greater heights, or to make friends among fellow audience members while enjoying a particularly satisfying performance. Some of the most exciting adventures come of making a new, local contact who can offer additional insights into new adventures that can be had.

For the lover of comfort, art and culture, Brisbane is an ideal destination to consider for solo journeys, honeymoon adventures or family outings to experience and learn about the local culture and style.


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