29.07.2010 Australia

For those who love the natural world, it’s important that an Australia vacation package include one of the most exciting parts of that country — a wildlife tour. Australia is famous worldwide for its legendary wildlife, both flora and fauna. Many of the late, legendary Steve Irwin’s exploits took place in the varied and diverse wilderness of this great country, and with the conveniences of modern vehicles, skilled guides and an adventurous spirit, these sights and wonders are available for the eager traveler to include in their vacation packages when in Australia.

While wildlife can be found just about anywhere in Australia, some of the most exciting attractions are scattered around the various provinces of the vast country. Guests looking to get a glimpse of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo should visit the Australian Capital Territory, while the delightful Kookaburra birds can be located in New South Wales. The large and magnificent Saltwater Crocodile is native to the Northern Territory, and sea lions are most likely to be seen on the coast of South Australia. If you want to swim with the massive but peaceful whale sharks, you’re best off visiting the West, and heading to Victoria can introduce you to the Australian stock of penguin life. Be assured that whatever your destination in Australia, there is a creature native to that region that can be found out and learned about with a good tour guide.

Speaking of such guides, they are essential to getting the most out of a good wildlife tour. Such tours are inherently delicate things, requiring a strong knowledge of local terrain, an understanding of animal behavior and a willingness to answer a number of questions about the area. Guests of Australia wanting to take part in such a tour should take every opportunity to learn what they can from their guide, because the experience can only be enhanced by their local intimate knowledge.

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