02.08.2010 Australia

The time of year is an important factor in choosing the timing of your Australian luxury vacation. Everyone is comfortable in different weather and associate different kinds of weather with their ideal time off. Moreover, every country adapts to its seasons and rhythms of life differently, developing a unique group of activities and practices that go along with the changing of the Earth around them. Springtime, in particular, is a time when a country comes alive, and Australia is no different. Taking place between September and November for much of the country, it’s a spectacular time to get to know the locales and enjoy the exciting adventures awaiting.

For guests who want to enjoy the beautiful and the cultivated, there’s always Tasmania’s gorgeous Blooming Gardens. Waterside parks and carefully-sculpted trails extend all over, showing off an array of flowers such as tulips and blooming peonies, as well as trees ranging from magnificent oaks to gorgeous apple orchards. Small carnivals and festivals abound across Tasmania at this time, allowing a relaxing day spent among the island’s flora to end with delicious food and delightful company.

Further up in the Northern Territories on Australia proper, there’s some magnificent fishing to be had. Guests can spend a sunny, temperate day on the rivers, trying to find that perfect catch to show off to friends and family, or just listen to the tales of old veterans of the region and the days when they almost caught the legendary eight-footer.

Or there’s the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne. See the eponymous Melbourne Cup as jockeys compete in a horse race just as fast and intense as the American Triple Crown series. In between the races, there’s still more of the festive carnival air to be had, with car-trunk eating parties reminiscent of tailgating events at football matches, or live musical theater to be appreciated at leisure.

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