28.07.2010 Australia, Western Australia, Margaret River

The benefit of an Australian vacation package is that it often allows for several attractions to be combined into one, all-you-can-see extravaganza. For example, some such packages tend to include tours and sightseeing, while also occurring during one of Australia’s wonderful festivals. Some of these, such as Australia Day in Sydney Harbour, tend to be well-known and exciting. But events like the Margaret River Wine Festival are almost a regional secret, and can be a surprising delight for those in the know.

Margaret River is the sort of location that easily combines with a tour package. It can be reached via a four-hour car journey from Perth, which allows for the opportunity to have a luxury driving tour of the countryside between the cities, or by a helicopter journey that lasts a little over an hour — and which affords a splendid view of the varied and breathtaking terrain below.

Once there, guests can partake in the Vintage Vibe Street Fiesta, a party where the locals and growers cut loose to inaugurate the fun. There’s the downhill wine barrel race, to be observed from the safe corners of cafés and bistros. There are growers and sellers offering samples of their wares. They’re always eager to chat and boast about the advantages of the region’s unique growing culture for their winemaking.

In the evening, the city classes out as only a winegrowing town can. There are auctions for fine art and rare vintages, an elegant ball and reception to dress up and mingle at and cabaret shows to take in while sampling still more of the local grown offerings. Then there’s the day out at the Vintage Festival, a bazaar-style gathering of sellers and buyers, where guests can roam, taste, mingle and chat as they please.

With something available for everyone, and where even the journey to the city is a rewarding experience, Margaret River’s festival is an event to consider when planning that next luxury trip down under.

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