20.01.2011 Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Canberra

Australia Travel Vacation: Canberra's Floridae

Much of the fun in an Australian travel vacation is having an exciting event to travel to. In Canberra, the annual spring Floridae festival is just such an event, and well worth the journey. A celebration of the year’s first flowers blooming, Floridae is a combination agricultural meetup and party festival, and is Australia’s largest flower festival, bar none.

The flowerbeds at Canberra are carefully cultivated and maintained for consistency among the flowers, leading to the breathtaking phenomenon that all the flowers seem to bloom at once, as if on cue. Millions of blossoms come into being all together, showing off for the worldwide assemblage of guests and travelers in a display that has been described as breathtaking by many guests.

Marquees are set up with the history and culture of the Canberra flowerbeds and the festival as a whole, with exhibitions of both the current festival and photo galleries of past years on display for people to browse. There are events for younger visitors as well, with petting zoos set up for the young ones to meet and greet baby ducklings and other local wildlife.

Along with the main event, there’s the Floridae NightFest. Beginning at sundown for each of the five days of the Floridae, this is Canberra’s nightlife on full display. Food and wine both local and from across Australia are available at vendors’ booths and local restaurants, allowing for a variety of luxury tastes and experiences. The only trouble will be deciding when to stop, if a guest can bring himself to do so. Dances and night parties galore present themselves, allowing visitors to make fast friends and build memories that will last them long after their luxurious travel to Australia has come to an end.

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