19.01.2011 Australia, Hobart, New South Wales, Sydney

The Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race

For a good Australian family vacation, it’s best to pick an event the entire family can enjoy together. A good event needs to combine fun activities, plenty of travel and good food into one great package — and the Sydney to Hobart yacht race is a tradition that does so perfectly.

The event begins on Boxing Day (December 26), with a big festival at Sydney Harbor. Picnics and barbeques are scattered throughout the crowds as people gather to pick their favorites, cheer on friends they know in the race and generally have a pleasant, day-after-Christmas experience as the ships sail out of the bay and begin their 600-mile journey to Hobart.

In some cases, the discerning family can book a ride on one of the many luxury cruises available in the harbor, getting a from-the-water look at the race. With plenty of food and amenities all their own, such cruises are ideal places to catch the beginning of the event.

From Sydney, it’s a race along the coast. Families can remain in Sydney to enjoy the city’s preparations for the annual New Year party, catching the highlights of the race on television and newscasts. Or they can take a ride by train or luxury car to Hobart itself, where they can prepare for the end of the race in person. The first ships usually sail in on the 28th, an event that kicks off a celebratory party all its own. The race is concluded just in time for Hobart’s own special New Year’s party, featuring delights for visiting families to enjoy. So for the family that wants an Australian vacation to remember, scheduling the Boxing Day boat races is a sure bet for fun.

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